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Post-secondary education brings countless benefits to a student’s personal, academic, and professional development. While it may seem like there is plenty of time between elementary or middle school and your student deciding where to go to school, it is never too early to start understanding the different pathways available to your student, and the planning, preparation, cost, and financial aid options to making any career they pursue a reality. The NHHEAF Network’s Center for College Planning (CCP) is dedicated to providing students and families with valuable information on all aspects of post-secondary preparation. Here is our list of offerings for K-8 families:

  • Early College and Career Planning Guide: Designed for parents of students in grades K-8, the Early College and Career Planning Guide provides information about recognizing aptitudes and interests that can help students start to explore career options, learning about different educational and/or training pathways, and the costs that are associated with higher education. It also informs parents about ways to save for post secondary education and the aspects of financial aid, so they can start planning early.
Early College & Career Planning Guide Cover

Early College & Career Planning Guide

  • Early College and career Planning Presentation (PDF): This .pdf of our Early College and Career Presentation walks families through the process of having their student explore aptitudes and interests, connecting those to possible careers and education pathways, knowing how they can build transferrable skills, and making a plan in high school to set their goals in motion.
  • Event Calendar: We offer statewide, virtual presentations on a variety of college and career planning topics throughout the year. Check out our calendar to view and register for upcoming events. 
  • Using the website: Our website offers extensive information on financial aid, career readiness, and educational planning. There are resources, links, tools that are all designed to help you gain more understanding about the pursuit of a career and the education required.  Tips, checklists, Insiders, presentation recordings, are just some of the many ways we help you learn about planning, preparation, and process of pursing your education and/or career goals. Keep in mind, college and career readiness, and associated financial aid processes and policies are fluid and do change, and we do our best to keep our website up to date. To ensure students have the correct information, please attend our presentations, review our website, and set up a counseling appointment whenever you need assistance.  We love to help!  
  • Contacting Us: Have questions about early college and/or career planning? We are here for you through the phone and email! Contact us Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST at 603.227.5444  and via our email at