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May 22, 2014

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The Nonprofit Difference in Private Student Loans

Concord, NH - As graduation season arrives in all its pomp and circumstance thousands of families across the state and nation turn their attention to college, most importantly, finding funding for college. While some families can do so with little stress, the reality for many families across the nation is a substantial need to rely on student loan programs to afford a college education. There is a wealth of information available to families through the Department of Education regarding federal aid programs including grants and scholarships, all online. But, the numerous families that need to look beyond federal aid options and pursue private student loans are mostly left to their own devices.

"We get calls on a daily basis from students and parents that are very confused about the options for student loan funding beyond federal programs available to them," noted Richard Neilsen, School Services Specialist for the EDvestinU® private student loan programs. "Beyond information they receive from college financial aid offices, many have in depth questions when comparing loan products available to them and I think it comes as a relief to many that we will answer all of their questions and help them understand how to evaluate private student loans during their search."

EDvestinU®, a private student loan program offered by the Concord, NH based nonprofit organization, the New Hampshire Higher Education Loan Corporation (NHHELCO), believes as part of its nonprofit mission that it’s essential to provide education first. EDvestinU® focuses on what is best for the student and their family, ensuring important information about college funding is available so they can make educated financing decisions. "We have always made it a priority to ensure each family understands the importance of utilizing all federal student assistance before seeking private student loans," stated René Drouin, President & CEO of the organization. "We understand the confusion around college funding and are a support system for students and parents that need assistance with securing the additional funding for college after exhausting federal resources."

Beyond information about the low cost, zero - fee student loan programs offered by EDvestinU®, students and parents seeking information about private student loans can find important tools on the website regarding how to evaluate variable and fixed interest rate private loans, as well as calculators to help understand their future student loan payments. More information about the EDvestinU® student loan programs, scholarship program and free resources available can be found at For questions about the programs and services offered by EDvestinU®, please call 855.887.5430 or email


EDvestinU® is a national student loan program of the New Hampshire Higher Education Loan Corporation (NHHELCO), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit agency that provides students and families with the resources and funding to pursue higher education aspirations. NHHELCO is one of three active nonprofit companies that comprise The NHHEAF Network Organizations. Funds generated by the Organizations make its charitable mission possible as student loan earnings are reinvested in programs and services that benefit citizens of New Hampshire.