May 2018

Congratulations Seniors: Class of 2018

You did it! You've sent in your deposit and – it's official ‑ you're heading to college! But before you start packing your bags and/or your backpack, there are still a few things to be done. So, what happens now?

Be sure to check your online account, or student portal, for information regarding your next steps. If you are planning to borrow through the Federal Direct Student Loan program, you will need to go online this summer and complete the required Federal Online Entrance Counseling and sign your Federal Direct Master Promissory Note (MPN). Once you start taking classes, you may need to verify your enrollment through your student portal so that your loan money can be released to the Bursar’s Office.

Learn about and register for new student orientation. Orientation generally takes place in the summer months and is a great time to familiarize yourself with your new campus, participate in welcome events, and maybe even meet your roommate! Students often register for classes and get their new student ID's at orientation, so be sure to speak with someone if you are unable to attend on your assigned date.

Your bill for your first semester will arrive within the next two months. Our college counselors are available to help your family understand the college financing process! Come meet with us at our Concord campus by scheduling a FREE 60-minute appointment today ‑ or when your bill arrives! To schedule an appointment, call us at 888.747.2382, ext. 119!

Scholarship Alert Logo

Scholarship Alert: Deadline is Approaching!

Two scholarships from the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation (NHCF), New Hampshire's largest source of scholarship dollars, are now available!

Applications for the Career Aid for Technical Students for students enrolling in two-year degree or other short‑term training programs are due Friday, June 15th by 5:00pm. Awards range from $100 to $3500, depending upon a student’s demonstrated financial need.

Applications for the Career Aid for Technical Students for students enrolling in two-year degree or other short‑term training programs are due Friday, June 15th by 5:00pm. Awards range from $100 to $3500, depending upon a student’s demonstrated financial need.

The Medallion Fund ‑ for students pursuing short term vocational or technical studies in fields such as automotive technology, plumbing, heating, construction, advanced manufacturing, computer repair, licensed nursing assistant, etc. ‑ features a rolling deadline. Decisions are made, and applicants are notified, every four to six weeks. Awards vary.

As a reminder, if you are awarded a local scholarship at your high school's awards night this spring, you must notify the Financial Aid Office at your college.


Summer Boot Camp: Jump Start Your College Application Process

Our Summer Boot Camp workshops help rising high school seniors embark upon the college admissions process in a relaxed, small group setting with the support of our college counselors. Make the most of your summer and get a jumpstart on your college applications by signing up today for our Admissions Workshop or our College Essay Workshop ‑ or both! Space is limited, so be sure to register soon. With four (4) different sessions for each workshop, you have plenty of dates to choose from! For more details, please call us at 888.747.2382, x119.


Standardized Testing: Should I Take the SAT Again?

As a New Hampshire high school junior, you probably participated in the School Day administration of the SAT in March. You should have received your scores from the College Board at this point, so now is a great time to plan out a schedule for the rest of your standardized testing. Will you need to take the SAT Subject Tests? Would you like to take the SAT test again in the hope of increasing your scores? Since you cannot take Subject Tests on the same day that you take your SAT, you will need to plan your test dates accordingly. Luckily, the College Board has added a new August test administration to their testing schedule. Be sure to register in advance to avoid paying late fees. For a complete list of the test dates with registration deadlines, visit The College Board.

Remember to link your College Board account to Khan Academy and receive FREE, customized SAT test prep to help you improve your scores! Click here for step by step instructions for linking your accounts. You can also download the FREE SAT Daily Practice App which allows you to answer the question of the day from your smart phone!


Spend a Little Time with Us This Summer!

Summer is the perfect time for soon‑to‑be high school seniors to meet with one of the college counselors in the Center for College Planning. Whether you are finalizing your list of colleges, have questions about college majors or would like to discuss how to pay for college, schedule a FREE 60‑minute appointment this summer to get a head start on your college process. Call us at 888.747.2382, ext. 119 to schedule your appointment today!


Summer College Visits

High school juniors, have you started to visit college campuses yet? For some students, the summer provides the perfect opportunity to get started! Visiting colleges in the summer has its advantages (and a few disadvantages) to consider:

  • Your visit may be less rushed. During the school year, students may feel the pressure of rushing back to school to avoid missing too much school work for college visits. In the summer, you may have the luxury of spending more time on a campus and really getting a feel for the environment.
  • You have more information to share. Having just completed your junior year of high school, you will have final grades and possibly even standardized test scores to share with an admissions counselor who may be able to give you an idea of potential scholarship and admissions opportunities.
  • Vacations. If your family is planning a vacation this summer, you could take some time and check out college campuses in the area. At the very least it will give you some ideas about campus size, location and distance from home!
  • Tours may be more personalized. In the summer months, fewer families tend to be touring college campuses. The fall tour groups can be very large, making it difficult to ask your tour guide all of the questions you may have.
  • Campus professionals may be more available. The admissions staff is finally back on campus after a long recruiting season and professors may have more flexibility in their summer schedules, so they may be more available to meet with you and answer your questions.
  • There are not as many students on campus. Since the student populations are dramatically reduced in the summer months, you may not get the full impression of the bustling environment you would experience during the academic year. It is still worth visiting and getting that first experience. You can always go back for a second visit in the fall or once you have been accepted to be sure it is everything you have imagined it to be!

For more information about campus tours and a list of sample questions to ask on your visit click here.


“I Am College Bound” Promo of the Month

Enter the “I Am College Bound” promo contest to be entered to win a $25 Amazon gift card if you answer our quiz question about college admissions or financial aid correctly!

The “I Am College Bound” campaign provides New Hampshire high school students with the inspiration, information and planning support to pursue higher education goals. The Center for College Planning (CCP) team especially encourages low‑income students, their parents and their mentors to recognize that New Hampshire campuses and the U.S. Department of Education offer strong financial aid programs which enable eligible individuals to access financial assistance in paying for education beyond high school.


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