May 2017

Congratulations, Seniors!

Wow! You did it! You've sent in your deposit! It's official ‑ you are heading to college! Now what do you need to do?

Be sure to check your online account (on the college's website) for information on your next steps. The financial aid office at your school may ask you to verify some piece (or pieces) of your financial aid information and this summer, will ask you to go online to sign your federal Direct Loan Master Promissory Note (MPN) and also your required federal Online Entrance Counseling. Ask what the school's process is for course registration and sign up for new student orientation.

New student orientation is an important single or multi‑day event/experience, typically occurring during the summer or at the beginning of the academic year at colleges and universities around the world. Orientation is a great way for campuses to welcome and, of course, orient new students to their respective college campuses. This is accomplished with fun, educational, social, and practical activities the specifics of which will vary somewhat depending on your school.


Scholarship of the Month

And seniors, here's your chance to creatively tell the world where you will be heading off to college ‑ and be entered to win a cash prize from the College Board! Enter to win by Monday, May 15th! $12,500 in cash prizes will be awarded! Good Luck!


Summer Boot Camp

Our Summer Boot Camp workshops help soon‑to‑be rising high school seniors embark upon the college admissions process in a relaxed, small‑group setting with the support of our college counselors. Make the most of your summer and get a jumpstart on your college applications by signing up today for our Admissions Workshop or our College Essay Workshop ‑ or both! For more details, please call us at 888.7.GRADUATE, x119. And remember to ask your school counseling office if they are hosting a boot camp or college prep workshop at your high school this summer!



SATs, SAT Subject Tests & Standardized Testing

Juniors across the state of New Hampshire most likely took the College Board’s SAT on April 5th during the school day. Scores will be available soon, and now is a great time to plan out a schedule for the rest of your standardized testing. Even if you do well on the SAT your junior year, it is always a good idea to take the test one more time in the fall of your senior year. In fact, College Board is now even offering an August test date!

As a reminder, the SAT and ACT are national college admissions examinations accepted by all four (4) year colleges and universities in the US as part of the application process. Read more about these important components in the “Application Components” section of our website here.

Looking for a way to practice for the SAT? Download the FREE SAT Daily Practice App which allows students to answer the question of the day from their smart phone!


Putting the College Financing Pieces Together

College tuition bills will arrive in late June or early July! Would you and your family like assistance in understanding your financing options ‑ including tuition payment plans, parent PLUS loans, and private student loans? Our college counselors will gladly help! Learn about federal financial aid programs and other ways your family can pay for college. Call us at 888.7.GRADUATE, X119 to schedule your FREE 60 minute appointment today!


Stay Connected!

For the latest college admissions and financial aid information, follow us on Facebook or Twitter, and check out the NHHEAF Channel on YouTube! And catch up on reading our recent Varsity Letter issues here.


I Am College Bound Promo of the Month

HS Students: Participate each month in our I Am College Bound promotion! Just read a college planning or financial aid article, answer a question about the article correctly, and you will be entered to win a $25 Amazon gift card in a random drawing from correct entries.

I Am College Bound's goal is to provide New Hampshire students with the inspiration, information and planning support to pursue higher education goals - share the link with your friends!

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