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I Am College Bound / I Filed

I Am College Bound: I Filed

Did you know?  

  1. Every year, college-going students leave billions of dollars unclaimed in financial aid. The Class of 2021 left $3.75 Billion* on the table in Pell Grants alone across the country. New Hampshire students missed out on over $7,851,300! 
  2. The FAFSA is required for most forms of financial aid- not just grants from the federal government. In most cases, students must file their FAFSA to be considered for merit-based aid, too- even private scholarships. 
  3. Filing the FAFSA is easier than you think- and we are here to help! 

*Source: National College Attainment Network

I Am College Bound: I Filed is a New Hampshire statewide campaign to support students in filing their FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). The purpose of I Filed is to deliver crucial knowledge about the FAFSA, demystify the financial aid process, and provide direct avenues for students to file. In New Hampshire and across the country, not only are college application numbers down, but FAFSA filings are seeing even more dramatic decreases. This trend indicates that many students are not utilizing financial aid, adding to the barriers of attending and completing college. The NHHEAF Network is thrilled to work closely with colleges and universities across the state as we create and implement a comprehensive outreach campaign in support of students’ financial aid journeys, from their application to graduation.

Review our Financial Aid Insider before you start the financial aid process.

Statewide Virtual Financial Aid 101 Webinar

Want to learn more about basics of financial aid? Attend our Financial Aid 101 webinar on Thursday, December 9th at 6pm. Click the Sign Up button to reserve your spot today. Please note: This will be the same information as our Financial Aid Night presentation that you may have attended or viewed through your school counselor.

Virtual Open House

Submitting your admissions application is just the first step - you also need to apply for financial aid! To help you with the FAFSA submission process we will be hosting a Virtual FAFSA Open House on Saturday, December 11th from 8:00 a.m. to 2 p.m. Reserve your spot today. Finish your FAFSA registration during the open house and you’ll be entered to win a $1,000 scholarship!

Receive Individual Support

As one of our signature services, students and families can book an appointment with NHHEAF’s Education and Career Counselors to receive individual support in filing their FAFSA. We will walk them through it step by step until it’s time to hit submit!