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School counselors and educators are welcome to use college planning and awareness curriculum developed by the Center for College Planning (CCP) in classrooms at your schools. Provided for your use in each download are actual presentations, detailed lesson plans, and a form to order associated program materials.

To begin, please select a program below and follow the web form. Once you have downloaded a program and ordered materials, you will be given the option to download additional programs. Please contact the Center for College Planning at 888.747.2382, x119 with any questions.

Elementary & Middle School Programs

College BINGO!
(Grades 1 - 3)

This fun, interactive presentation was designed specifically for a younger audience, typically grades 1-3. Students are each given a BINGO card to mark as the presenter moves through the game highlighting different aspects of college appropriate for this age group. Students win prizes and the classroom receives a plush college bear mascot.

Designed with 4th, 5th and 6th grade students in mind, this interactive and fun program introduces all things college - from exploring college campuses and programs of study to preparing for college at a young age. Interesting, relevant college facts help excite students to start planning now for their future.

While college may seem like decades away to most young children, the time to begin thinking about the road that leads to college is now. Future goals, college knowledge, and a "pick-a-prop" activity are all parts of this interactive session.

Personalities and Possibilities
(Grades 6 - 7) Part 1

While middle school students may be years away from making any decisions about their future, it's never too early to begin exploring options. In this lesson, students will be given the tools to explore their strengths and interests that can eventually translate into possible careers. They will also learn about the higher educational opportunities to help them reach their goals.

Personalities and Possibilities
(Grade 6 - 7) Part 2

In this lesson, middle school students learn the five (5) P's when it comes to thinking about college-personalities, possibilities, planning, preparation, and paying - and how they inter-relate. This interactive, fun game format introduces key concepts in the college planning process while encouraging students to begin thinking about various higher educational opportunities.

Developed with middle-schoolers in mind, school counselors may find this workshop to be especially relevant for 8th graders during the high school course selection process. This program features tips for high school course selection, academic enrichment, and college and career inspiration.

High School Programs

Life. Bring It.
(Grades 9 - 10)

Ideal for freshmen and sophomore students, this engaging career workshop encourages students to begin thinking about their future professional goals. In addition to using Dr. John Holland's personality theory to identify possible types of work, students will explore how their skills and interests can be developed and lead to a meaningful personal and work life. Also included is information on how the use of social media profiles can affect college admissions.

Students learn tips and strategies for developing the written portion of the application focusing on the essay, creating a college resume, and letters of recommendation. Sample essays are provided.

Outlining the ten things juniors in high school should research and complete as part of their college search and application process, this presentation helps students begin to understand how to develop a list of colleges personalized to their interests and goals.

Five Steps on the Road to College
(Grades 12)

With college application deadlines fast approaching, seniors will be introduced to their specific high school's process. They will be given information about the Common Application, requesting recommendations and submitting their transcripts.

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