2022 Workshop Sessions


Exploring Careers & Majors 

Shanyn Grenier
Program Director
Reach High Scholars
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Choosing your major is an important step toward your career. Learn how to navigate this choice to maximize future options. Discover tips to explore your values, personality, interests, skills, and strengths and how these relate to career choice and selecting a college major.

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The College Search 

Colleen DesRuisseaux
Director of School Counseling
Bow High School
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Brenda Poznanski
Director of School Counseling and Admission
Bishop Guertin High School
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Creating the "perfect" list of colleges can feel like an overwhelming task. Join our experts to learn how to ease the stress, have productive conversations, utilize your resources, weigh your needs and wants, and make the most of the college exploration process.

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The College-Bound Student Athlete 

Katie Greene
Assistant Director of Athletics
Bowdoin College
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Carly Sweeney
Head Field Hockey Coach
New England College
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Courtney Tully
NCAA Compliance Consultant
Endicott College
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Join college athletes, current college coaches, high school athletic directors, and a college compliance officer to learn about recruitment strategies, eligibility requirements, and what life is like for NCAA college athletes.

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It's a Digital World: Utilizing Online & Mobile Resources in the College Process 

Beth Corkum
School Counselor
Bow High School
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Kate Kulacz
School Counselor
Bow High School
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Learn about online tools available to aid you in the college selection, application, and financial aid processes. Explore the best methods - and some helpful tips - for using social media to your advantage in your college search and how information on your social media profiles can impact your life for many years to come.

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Financial Aid Panel 

Ken Ferreira
VP for Institutional Planning & Effectiveness; Student Financial Services
Franklin Pierce University
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Elizabeth Keuffel
Assistant VP for Enrollment & Director of Financial Aid
Saint Anselm College
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Some of the best things in life are free; unfortunately college isn't one of them! Join a panel of college financial aid professionals as they help demystify the financial aid process, share tips to ensure students receive their best financial aid offer, and explain how this aid can help families manage college costs.

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