College Planning Resources for High School Students

In May 2020, The NHHEAF Network hosted #collegeboundnh LIVE!, a series of workshops designed to provide New Hampshire high school students with expert college planning and financial aid advice. Expert local, national, and even international presenters joined us to present 19 engaging and informative programs with helpful tips and suggestions on navigating the path to college. To watch a workshop, simply expand the appropriate link below. A session description and link to the workshop (on the NHHEAF YouTube channel) is provided for each of the workshops.

Watch College Debt 101

Join recent college graduates as they discuss financial life after college. Learn how they are handling their student loan debt, their thoughts about the financial decisions they made when choosing a college, and advice they have for high school students beginning the college search process.

Watch Parent-to-Parent Panel

Applying to college can be overwhelming for students, but it can be just as overwhelming for parents. Between financial aid deadlines, packing all the right things for your student’s new residence, paying the college bill, and adjusting to life without your teen in your home, there is a lot to consider. Our panel of parents have been through the process – and have survived to “tell the tale”. Listen as they share their experiences.

Watch Student Athlete

Hear a panel of experts discuss recruitment and eligibility requirements for NCAA division-level sports and hear from the 2020 Big East Defensive Player of the Year and Seton Hall University’s men's basketball center Romaro Gill as he shares his experiences as a Division I student-athlete

Watch Student Panel

Wondering what students really write about in their college essays, how much time you should spend searching and applying for scholarships, what it's like to live in a residence hall, or if classes are really more challenging in college? Our panel of student experts share their experiences about all things college!