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Gary Zabierek

President & CEO, Birch Hill Terrace

High School Name: Tennet Memorial High School (Methuen, MA)

American History and World History, I loved learning about different cultures and traditions.

Essex Agricultural and Technical Institute, Hathorne, MA – A.A.S. Food and Lab Technology, 1978

Franklin Pierce College, Rindge, NH - B.S. Business Administration, 1993

My major for my A.A.S. was nutrition. My first job in high school was working in hospital food service. This college experience was my first exposure to the healthcare industry. My major for my B.S. was business administration which directly relates to my current position.

My junior year of high school.

When I went back to college to get my B.S. I was working fulltime, was married and had three young children. It was a challenge to juggle all those responsibilities but was well worth it.

Both of the degree programs I participated in required that you do internships. The experiences I had doing those internships influenced my career choices.

I attend an annual alumni gathering and donate to various funds.

Dishwasher in the local hospital's dietary department.

Following my A.A.S I got a position as a Diet Technician in a Nursing Home. Following my B.S. I got my Nursing Home Administrators license and the company I was working for at the time offered the position of Executive Director at an assisted living community.

If you do your best in school, college is always possible. Education is the key to success. That is why I went back to get my B.S.

Having a college degree has had an enormous impact on the career success I have experienced. A college degree opens the door to many opportunities.

Keep your options open. Take the time to research each major you are interested in and how they relate to a career you may be interested in.

Keep an open mind. Every job experience you have will influence and help you make future career choices.