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"I Am College Bound/I Decided" General Information

We know this year seniors have not received the pomp and circumstance they deserve. Instead of cap, gown and graduation seniors are getting COVID-19 warnings, masks and social distancing. And although Coronavirus has perhaps taken away that literal right-of-passage for students to walk across the graduation stage, it has NOT taken away the ability for us to CELEBRATE seniors…, however, this year we are just doing it a little differently. Join us in our

2020 #idecidednh Campaign

2020 #idecidednh Contest

I Decided Campaign:

The “I Am College Bound/I Decided” campaign began in 2019 as a way to help students celebrate their amazing achievements and all of their hard work as they receive college acceptances and/or make plans for life after graduation.

High school counselors across New Hampshire shared some of the ways they celebrate their students. While we know that many will be heading off to college in pursuit of a two-year or four-year college degree, many other students are choosing to enter the military and the workforce. We want to celebrate all of their choices, so the ideas listed below can be universally applied to all students.

We’ve created a handout to encourage students to recognize and share their achievements. Click here for a copy of this two-page document. One page has a college pennant (for students heading off to post-secondary education) and the other is for students entering the military or workforce (the graduation cap one). The bottom of the page on each has instructions for students to follow. It is our hope that high schools will print these and have them available for students to fill out and hang on their locker or other designated spot. Not only is it exciting for the seniors to celebrate, it helps create enthusiasm for the underclassmen to start (or continue) thinking about life after high school.

Ideas for Celebrating Student Decisions

  • Host a College Shirt (t-shirt, sweatshirt, or other gear for your students, staff, faculty) Day on May 1st to celebrate College Signing Day
  • Host a Senior Signing Breakfast
    • Ask your school’s media arts class make a montage of students announcing where they will be attending to be used at a senior awards night, breakfast or graduation ceremony
  • Recognize those who have applied/accepted at quarterly awards ceremonies
  • Announce college decisions and other post-grad plans (employment, military), including:
    • Share during Class Night or Certificate of Completion ceremony
    • Post signs in the school’s hallways
    • List decisions on school’s website
    • Create a bulletin board with students’ names and chosen schools
    • Post a star with the student’s name and college name posted on their school counselor's door frame. (Many students take the stars and put them on their caps at graduation!)
    • Ask the art teacher to create a class project to design college mascots or pennants and hang on lockers (or use our attached Pennant project information – appropriate for post-secondary education, direct to workforce or military!)
    • Place a college pennant or sign on the wall and put names of all students going to that institution
    • Take solo or group photos of friends in their college gear or holding a pennant to indicate where they are going