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"I Am College Bound/I Applied" General Information

Each November, New Hampshire's “I Am College Bound/I Applied” campaign assists high school seniors with navigating the college admissions process and ensures each student pursues a postsecondary education. Students are invited to submit at least one college admission application during a dedicated school day with the support of local higher education professionals and their school’s faculty, staff, and administration.

While special focus is placed on assisting students who would be the first in their families to attend college and students who may not have otherwise seriously considered applying to college, all students are encouraged to participate.

Follow-up support and materials regarding completing the college admissions and financial aid processes are distributed as well. Each participating high school receives one $500 scholarship to be raffled and awarded to a participating student.

This campaign is part of the American College Application Campaign, a national effort to increase the number of first-generation and low-income students pursuing a college degree or other higher education credential.

Follow this initiative on social media at #collegeboundnh.

Annual Reports

2019 “I Am College Bound/I Applied” Promotional Video

2019 "I Am College Bound/I Applied" Photo Gallery

By the numbers:

Year Number of Participating High Schools Number of Participating Students Number of College Applications Submitted  Scholarship Dollars Awarded 
2020 52 1,214 2,972 $26,000
2019 50 2,268 6,106 $25,000
2018 42 1,672 4,442 $21,000
2017 34 1,356 3,365 $17,000
2016 24 1,054 2,221 $12,000
2015 14 534 998 $7,000
2014 6 264 533 $3,000
Totals through 2020   8,362 20,636 $111,000