New Hampshire's I Am College Bound: I Applied campaign assists high school seniors with navigating the college admissions process. Students are invited to a dedicated school day event that provides direct support from local higher education professionals and their school’s faculty, staff, and administration. Working with these volunteers, students receive guidance and encouragement to submit at least one college admission application.

In support of I Applied, colleges and universities around the state waive application fees for students who submit applications during the event. The incentive both increases college access and drives applications for NH schools. In addition, the New Hampshire Department of Education, New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, and the NHHEAF Network also provide scholarships to participating students, with each school receiving one $500 scholarship to award to a participating student at their discretion. Students are also provided extensive follow up support and materials to complete their college journey.

The NHHEAF Network launched I Am College Bound with I Applied in 2014, partnering with six public high schools and volunteers from around the state to help 264 students submit 533 college applications. Each year since, the program has expanded to include more high schools, students, and volunteers to support them. In 2020, we were the only state to successfully execute a complete College Application Campaign event virtually, pioneering the way for other states to provide this program to their students under any circumstance. In 2021, we anticipate hosting I Am College Bound: I Applied events at 60 high schools throughout New Hampshire serving more than 1,300 students state-wide.

Annual Reports

2019 “I Am College Bound/I Applied” Promotional Video

2019 "I Am College Bound/I Applied" Photo Gallery

By the numbers:

Year Number of Participating High Schools Number of Participating Students Number of College Applications Submitted  Scholarship Dollars Awarded 
2020 52 1,214 2,972 $26,000
2019 50 2,268 6,106 $25,000
2018 42 1,672 4,442 $21,000
2017 34 1,356 3,365 $17,000
2016 24 1,054 2,221 $12,000
2015 14 534 998 $7,000
2014 6 264 533 $3,000
Totals through 2020   8,362 20,636 $111,000