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Foster Youth: Resources to Help You Go to College

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Did you know over 70% of youth in foster care want to go to college? What they know is that any postsecondary education can mean more money, more job options, and more freedom.

We recognize that the road to actually attending college may seem challenging and students may encounter roadblocks along the way, but its important to remember that there are many resources available to students along the way. Our goal at the Center for College Planning is to help reduce some of these roadblocks and help make the journey to higher education an easier and more enjoyable one!

The Students Transitioning and Achieving Results (STAR) program, at the Center for College Planning is our collaboration with the Division of Children, Youth & Families (DCYF) in New Hampshire to provide free resources for foster youth and youth-in-care. We work with foster youth, both in our Concord office and in DCYF District Offices throughout NH, to assist in the admission and financial aid process.

Through our years of one-on-one work with youth-in-care, we have also been able to create special content that is especially relevant to their unique needs and concerns. Our "College Planning & Financing for Foster Youth/Youth-in-Care" video is a great resource to understand the admission and financial aid process for foster youth and youth-in-care. You can also read answers to some of the most commonly asked questions by foster youth and youth-in-care on our FAQs page.

College campus officials are also great support for foster youth they often provide assistance with the admission and financial aid processes. Never be afraid to ask admissions or financial aid offices questions; they are there to help students and know best how to help students at their school. Then, once you are accepted and are on campus, services such as academic advising, counseling, peer mentoring, and career services can provide support during the college years. Also, look for the campus to provide career search help as you prepare for life after college.

Besides the resources that are specific to youth-in-care, the CCP has many other resources that can help every student in their college search, application, and financial aid process. So, check out our Planning for College and Financial Aid & Get Financially Fit pages. Please visit our Calendar of Events to see when we are at your school. You are welcome to attend any of our presentations, even if they are not at your high school!

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