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Apply for the CEO Scholarship:

The College Equals Opportunity (CEO) Scholarship Program recognizes college juniors and seniors with $5,000 scholarships. Each year, scholarships will be awarded to deserving students who demonstrate leadership abilities, an understanding of the need for higher education and financial need.


CEO Scholarship Application Form


Eligibility Requirements:

Applicant must be:


Application process:

This scholarship involves four stages:

Stage 1. All eligible students are asked to complete the CEO Scholarship Application by Friday, May 2.

Stage 2. Select applicants will be contacted via e-mail by Friday, May 9 and required to submit the following:

Stage 3. Select finalists will be invited to interview with business leaders from the CEO program on Tuesday, June 3.

Stage 4. Following the interviews of finalists, the recipients of the CEO Leadership Scholarship will be selected and invited to attend a CEO reception. Winners will be notified by Monday, June 9.


Award Criteria:

Applicants will be awarded quality points based on the following:

REMINDER: Deadline for submission of the CEO Scholarship Application is Friday, May 2, 2014.